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For a few weeks, I"ve had trouble with sending outgoing mail via Thunderbird. I was previously using the mặc định settings for gmail IMAP and SMTPhường (port 993 for IMAP. and port 465 for SMTPhường SSL). All of a sudden, I started having trouble sending email and kept getting connection errors. From some testing using telnet, it seems that my ISP is blocking port 465 and 25... is port 587 the only remaining option? When I try port 587 with STARTTLS and & skết thúc an gmail it says "connected..." and after 20 seconds it says "connection timed out...". I"m using Thunderbird 3.1.5 on Windows 7.The current settings I have sầu for Tools>>Account Settings>>Left Pane: Outgoing Server (SMTP) are:Server: 587Connection Security: STARTTLS (choices are: none, STARTTLS, or SSL/TLS)Authentication Method: Normal Password (choices are No Authentication, Normal Password, Encrypted Password, Kerberos/GSSAPI, or NTLM)User Name: UserName
tin nhắn.comI"ve tried various combinations of authentication/ports but maybe I"m entering these wrong or overlooking something. (Incoming mail has been fine this whole time)Look forward khổng lồ any suggestions!
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Pinging <> with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=17ms TTL=52Reply from bytes=32 time=19ms TTL=52Reply from bytes=32 time=18ms TTL=52Reply from bytes=32 time=22ms TTL=52Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 17ms, Maximum = 22ms, Average = 19msSo I"m able lớn ping without a problem. I tried telnetting to on port 25, 465, and 587. It only lets me through on port 587. My settings are listed above sầu and seem to match what you"ve sầu suggested (STARTTLS, Normal Password). Nevertheless, I"ve had this connection timeout issue for the past few weeks every single time I try it.Any suggestions on possible causes for this issue? Even better, any suggestions on possible solutions?Thanks again!
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Posted November 1st, 2010, 6:03 pm explains how khổng lồ modify the timeout, but it doesn"t vì chưng any good to lớn increase it past whatever the tcp-ip timeout is phối to.Gmail has a history of claiming your login failed when they"re overloaded, and prompting you for a new password (even though you gave the right one) for POP & IMAPhường accounts. I don"t know if you"re running inkhổng lồ something similar for SMTPhường.If you have sầu some non-Gmail accounts its possible khổng lồ use its SMTP. server with your Gmail account.ường ... hunderbird
This seems to happen every time, not intermittently, so I"m guessing it is not related khổng lồ overload of on Google"s kết thúc.Are there any free tin nhắn accounts that provide an SMTP.. hệ thống on alternate ports (other than 25, 465, or 587)?Any other suggestions?I think the problem is the port is blocked by my ISP in some khung or another và I"m trying lớn figure out how I can continue lớn send outgoing emails through thunderbird in this situation.

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I"ve sầu never heard of a ISPhường blocking port 587. One way lớn verify that would be khổng lồ see if you can use telnet to skết thúc a message. Its not user friendly, but a good troubleshooting tool. Windows comes with a version of telnet, though you have khổng lồ jump through some hoops khổng lồ make it available under Vista/Windows 7. Or you could use something like PuTTy. You"d just type telnet 587 and see if you get a response. In my case it clears the screen & then shows 2trăng tròn ESMTP e14sm953852wfg.20 . I could then start typing actual SMTP. commands khổng lồ send a message but there is little point as its proved my ISP.. doesn"t blochồng that port.http://www.yuki-onmãng cầ ... ista-.aspx
Thanks for the response... I"m able to telnet to 587 as you"ve sầu described below (and have sầu been able khổng lồ for weeks since the problem started). The problem is, I still am unable to lớn connect using the settings I"ve described above for port 587. Prior lớn the problems, I was using port 465 for SMTP without a problem. This just stopped working all of a sudden one day so I tried telneting lớn troubleshoot the problem and it seems port 465 was blocked but 587 remained open. I figured I"d just try using 587 but it hasn"t worked out for me so I"m stuông chồng. Maybe I"m entering settings wrong or something, but I"ve sầu been stuchồng for almost a month now!Thanks for trying to lớn help... I really bởi appreciate it and hope I can have sầu SMTPhường. working again soon!
I suggest you sign up for a không tính phí trương mục and experiment using its SMTPhường VPS. You can use it khổng lồ verify your ISP doesn"t bloông xã a certain port, & you could always configure your Gmail tài khoản to lớn use the SMTP hệ thống as a workaround.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried for SMTP. today using their hệ thống, on port 587. Again, I"m connected but then it eventually just times out again without sending the gmail.My one question is, there was no place where I entered my new password for my SMTP.. tài khoản và it never popped up asking for it. All I have sầu entered is my username (one the same screen where I select port 587 and STARTLS for the outgoing mail server). I tried deleting all my passwords which makes it pop up và ask for my Gmail password to tải về IMAPhường emails from my inbox but still doesn"t ask anything about a password when I"m sending emails. Shouldn"t there be somewhere that I should be entering my account password before it lets me connect?Hoping maybe there is just a simple setting that I"m overlooking.Thanks again!
You need khổng lồ select "authentication method" is "normal password" in the SMTP.. entry. This is equivalent to lớn entering the username và checking a checkbox about the password in earlier versions. The connection security (in the SMTP. entry) should be "starttls if available"
Thanks for the reply... my question is more along the lines of: where vì I type in the password for the SMTPhường. server? Or does it just use the password that I have sầu for IMAP server? In that case, my GMX password & GMail password have to lớn be the same? I"ve sầu tried it with these passwords the same but still the same problem... Anyway, just making sure I have all my settings correct.Thanks!
After all the reseting of passwords & stuff, I had the chance lớn try my computer again through a different internet connection (tethered lớn my phone) và it connected just fine và sent the gmail through port 587 with the STARTTLS and Normal Password settings for the VPS.The interesting thing is that when I use my home connection (which is the problem), và send an gmail, it says "connected" và then sits there và times out. If I use the di động phone connection through tethering, & skết thúc an email, it says connected, then pops up a box lớn ask for my SMTPhường. password, and then sends the email successfully. So the problem is somewhere in that step before the password window pops up but after it makes a connection to the SMTPhường. VPS. (If i use one of the blocked ports such as 465 or 25, it doesn"t even say connected).Spoke khổng lồ the ISP providing my home page connection a few times now & they"ve been completely unhelpful so I"m sort of stuông chồng here. Hopefully there is something else I could bởi khổng lồ fix the problem since I don"t have sầu much choice in ISP where I live sầu right now...

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I travel a fair bit, & have sầu run into this problem in the past when using the tin nhắn client on my máy tính in different WiFi zones. To solve sầu the port blocking problem, I use the Loa Powertools application as described at nhắn.html With this tiện ích, I don"t have sầu to change any settings when I move sầu from environment lớn environment. It also allows me to lớn skết thúc emails from any of my tin nhắn accounts (I wear many hats) và have the correct "From" field in the message. Oh, and I confess that I vì chưng wear a LoaPowerTools hat from time khổng lồ time.
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