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Baông chồng in June, when the weather was still warm around these parts, we talked about the integration of Gmail with Evernote -- combining what could be considered the best of web-based tin nhắn và the king of note taking. The force behind that merger was Powerbot, & now it has upgraded its offerings, adding more features to lớn the product.

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If you aren"t familiar, Evernote recently received a huge update for its Chrome WebClipper tiện ích, adding an entirely new user interface & integration of new sharing features, as well as parts of Skitch -- a type of Paint-style tiện ích that allows you to add text và other graphics khổng lồ your clips.

What"s New?

Powerbot has added a host of new features, beginning with Dropbox integration. "After a lot of work we finally introduced our Dropbox-Gmail integration. Now you can both save sầu & retrieve sầu your Dropbox nội dung directly within your favorite gmail app", claims Dmitry Gorshkov, founder of the service & developer of the phầm mềm.

Now, when you clip then you have sầu the option to vì so directly to lớn Dropbox, meaning tin nhắn clips that contain attachments will retain those files.


When you compose a new message, you will not have sầu only the Evernote option, but will also get the opportunity khổng lồ add from Dropbox as well.

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In addition, the company added what it terms as "sexier meeting summaries, with participants" photos / social profiles" to its Google Calendar integration, và also added an Apple Mail plug-in to its offering.


Powerbot for Gmail is not không tính tiền, but the fee is rather small -- integration will set you back $1.99 per month và there is a free 30-day trial, so you can give it a shot without commitment. If your trial has expired however, there is a way khổng lồ still get back in so you can see if the new features sway you. And if you pay annually, you save an additional 40% over the monthly price.

The extension is available for Firefox, Safari & Google Chrome at the time of writing.

If you are an active sầu user of Gmail"s website interface, và also use Evernote or Dropbox regularly, then you may find the symbiosis between the services to your liking as it adds several tools to lớn your arsenal that you can make use of khổng lồ improve your workflow.

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