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It is not unusual khổng lồ clichồng on sover button in Gmail, then realize you want lớn reHotline the message.

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Gmail offers a feature called “Gmail Unvị Send” which allows you lớn unbởi vì your send email action within 30 seconds.With the recently updated Gmail App, now you can use Unbởi Send on your di động device too.


Enable unvày skết thúc by checking the box if it"s not. then choose cancellation period from 5, 10, trăng tròn or 30 seconds.
Side note: The way "Undo send" works is not by sending the message lớn your recipient then withdrawing it. No, it basically delays the sending of the message.

Now when you compose và skết thúc a new message, you are able lớn unvị the sover action before the seconds chosen in previous step expire.
So now when you get a second thought about that gmail you were about lớn skết thúc, you can quickly stop it from going even after clicking skết thúc button.

Sometimes you"re sending something confidential and maybe would want your recipient to access it for hours or days after which they shouldn"t. There is no way to lớn vì chưng this directly in Gmail however, we can still achieve sầu this with Google Docs.

Now compose new gmail then cliông chồng "Drive" icon to lớn include the document you just created in previous steps.
So what happens when you sover this message is that your recipient will be able to access & read the document with any document.
So that is all to lớn it. It"s not a straight forward way of doing it however, it"s a way around recalling your message even after 30 seconds.
I hope you found this helpful, for questions and comments, don"t hesitate to leave sầu them below & I will be more than happy lớn respond.

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