Let your users request or return read receipts

If you want khổng lồ know whether or not an tin nhắn you’ve sent in Gmail has been read, you’ll need to lớn turn on read receipts. Here’s how.

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We’ve all sent emails to friends and colleagues and waited for a response that’s never arrived. While rejection is always painful, there is a way to kiểm tra whether any emails you sover are read by their recipients.

This is thanks lớn read receipts, which let the sender know if an tin nhắn is opened (và when). While Gmail does tư vấn this feature, it is limited khổng lồ certain work và school-based Gmail accounts. Standard Gmail accounts can use third-party services to overcome this issue, however.

To enable & use read receipts in Gmail, here’s what you’ll need lớn vị.

Support for Read Receipts in Gmail

Standard Gmail accounts (such as those created for free) aren’t able to skết thúc or receive read receipts using built-in methods. This is a limitation of the tài khoản itself, with read receipts disabled in an effort to limit their use by spammers.

If you have an organizational Gmail tài khoản (such as a Google Workspace account), you can send & receive sầu read receipts. These accounts are usually provided by schools và workplaces, for instance.

Sending & receiving read receipts between organizational Gmail accounts will work. It isn’t foolproof, however, as a recipient can still decline to lớn skết thúc a read receipt, or delay sending it until they next re-read the message.

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Read receipts also won’t work for users who sover emails khổng lồ group lists or if your Gmail account administrator disables the setting. You may also find that read receipts also fail to lớn work in certain third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ tin nhắn clients.

If this is the case, you’ll need to lớn use a third-buổi tiệc ngọt option like Mailtraông xã, which you can install và use by following the steps below.

How to Request a Read Receipt in Gmail

If you’re using an organizational Gmail account with tư vấn for read receipts, you can request them in any email you skết thúc. However, read receipts sent this way will only work with other supported accounts.

On PC or Mac

To request a read receipt in Gmail on a Windows PC or Mac, open Gmail in your web browser và sign in. Once you’ve signed in, press the Compose button khổng lồ begin creating a new tin nhắn.


In the pop-up, you’ll see the most recent viewing history for your tin nhắn. Depending on your Mailtraông chồng plan, you’ll also see a wider history log that includes how often (and when) your recipient has opened the gmail.

Using Gmail Effectively

While Gmail read receipts are a good way to lớn kiểm tra that people are reading your important emails, use them sparingly. There are other ways you can use Gmail more effectively, however. For instance, you can add contacts in Gmail for people you contact often or bloông chồng gmail senders who prove to lớn be a nuisance.

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You can also bulk forward your emails khổng lồ others (or to another email account you own) khổng lồ clean up your inbox. If you want to retract an tin nhắn in Gmail, you better be quiông chồng or increase the unvị skết thúc reaction time khổng lồ give yourself some additional breathing space.

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