How to delete gmail contacts on a computer or mobile device

For most who use gmail to lớn communicate with others, contacts are automatically added. Once you begin chatting with someone, their tương tác information may be automatically added to lớn your Gmail, making it easier to initiate another conversation later.

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But most don’t know how lớn add a tương tác in Gmail, how to find contacts in Gmail, or how lớn edit contacts in Gmail. And there"s a good reason for that: contacts no longer live sầu in Gmail proper!

Here we’ll show you how to lớn bởi vì all of the above sầu as well as how to import contacts to Gmail, how to export Gmail contacts, and how to delete contacts from Gmail for good.

Where are contacts in Gmail

Years ago, Gmail had a dedicated ‘contacts’ section. At some point, Google migrated contacts khổng lồ its own standalone service within the Google suite of apps & services.

There are a few ways to get to your contacts, though. The upside is you don’t really have sầu lớn go through Gmail to edit, delete, or manage contact information now.

The two main ways to lớn get to lớn your Google Contacts is khổng lồ visit while logged into lớn your Google trương mục, or cliông chồng the familiar nine-dot thực đơn present across Google websites & select “Contacts.”

Both steps lead you to lớn, where all your contacts, lists, & management tools are located.


How to add contacts to Gmail

Adding contacts lớn Gmail is as simple as adding them to your Google contacts. Google Contacts is linked across the apps you use with your Google trương mục. Here’s how:

Go to the top left of the window, select “Create contact”Select “Create new contact”In the popup window, enter the information for your new contactSelect “Save” at the bottom of the popup window


How khổng lồ edit Gmail contacts

Editing contacts in Google Contacts is really simple. Here’s how it’s done:

Visit the tương tác you want to editIn the popup window that appears, clichồng the pencil ibé at the top right cornerEdit the contact informationSelect “Save” at the bottom right corner of the window


How lớn import contacts

Importing contacts khổng lồ Google contacts is easy, too. First, be sure you’ve exported contacts from your other email service or contacts ứng dụng as a CSV file. This is a filetype Google contacts is able lớn read.

From there, follow these steps:

Visit the left side of the window, select “Import”Select “Select file”Choose the CSV tệp tin saved lớn your Mac you wish to lớn importSelect “Import” at the bottom right corner of the popup window

That’s all it takes! The contacts in the CSV tệp tin you uploaded to Google contacts will show up in your list. Keep in mind while it’s typically immediate, it sometimes takes a while for contacts to show up, especially across devices.

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How lớn delete Gmail contacts

There are two ways to delete Gmail contacts: individually, or by group. Here’s how to lớn delete a single Google contact:

Visit the tương tác you wish to deleteOn the right side of their row, clichồng the three-dot menuChoose “delete”Confirm you want khổng lồ delete the contact


Manage all your messages in one app

This day and age people are bouncing between several apps khổng lồ have conversations. Email may always be with us, but social apps are quickly supplanting gmail as a faster solution for chatting with others.

IM+ is the perfect solution for a modern age of chatting online. You can link Gmail directly khổng lồ it và enjoy the full featured Gmail experience; it’s the very same interface you’ll find on the Gmail trang web.

From there, IM+ lets you like services lượt thích Telegram, Slaông xã, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangous, Outlook, Twitter, HipChat, LinkedIn, & others. It’s simply the best app for managing all of your disparate chat services in one place.


Managing contacts isn’t difficult, it’s just never been a simple process. Google contacts makes it easier than ever, but you’re still limited lớn the Google ecosystem. That’s just not for everyone – even if Gmail is you go-lớn email provider.

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Canary, Unibox, và IM+ are all great options for managing tin nhắn and contacts, và all three are available for không lấy phí during a seven day trial of Setứng dụng for Mac.

In addition lớn these three great apps, you’ll enjoy immediate & unlimited access to lớn the entire Setphầm mềm catalog of nearly 200 native sầu Mac apps spanning a number of categories. When the trial period ends, you can retain access to the entire suite for only $9.99 per month. It’s an incredible khuyễn mãi giảm giá you should jump on, so why wait? Try today!

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