Edit and delete labels in google mail

Several years ago, Google launched an gmail experiment called Inbox by Gmail. It was a fantastic gmail service và for those who did not use it, basically it was a smarter version of Gmail where it would be smart enough khổng lồ detect the contents of your emails & label it and categorize it accordingly.

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For example, if you receive emails from Amazon or PayPal, Gmail would assume that you’ve done some shopping and would create a category that these emails would go inkhổng lồ. It would also be smart enough to detect emails from hotels, airline companies, & so on và sort those into a travel category.

Unfortunately, that experiment has since concluded và Google has shut Inbox by Gmail down. If you vị miss some of that smarts or if you’re looking for a better way khổng lồ regain control of your inbox, then Gmail’s Labels are probably the next best thing.

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How To Add Labels In Gmail

Click the Labels tab
Cliông xã the Create new label buttonEnter the name of the label you want to lớn create và cliông chồng Create

How To Delete Labels In Gmail

Click the gear icon at the top right corner of GmailCliông xã See all settingsClick the Labels tab
Look for the label you want to lớn delete & clichồng RemoveClick Delete when the confirmation window appears

How To Add Labels To Emails

Now that you’ve sầu created a label, you can start tagging emails with that label. What this means is that when you cliông xã on the label on the navigation bar on the left of your screen, it will show you all emails that have sầu been tagged with that email. This is a good way for you lớn sort your emails where you can create labels for family, friends, work, & so on.

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In your inbox, right click the email you want lớn apply the label toGo to Label asSelect the label (or labels) you want lớn apply

How To Automatically Add Labels To Emails

Applying labels manually khổng lồ existing emails or emails as they come in can be a bit inefficient & tiresome, plus you might forget khổng lồ vị so và miss out on some emails. This is where using a combination of filters và labels can truly take your Gmail experience lớn the next màn chơi.

Clichồng the downwards pointing arrow in the search bar at the top of Gmail
Enter the tin nhắn addresses or the names of the people or companies you want to apply this label toClick Create filter
Cliông xã Apply the label and choose the label you wantClick the “Also apply filter lớn matching conversations” boxClichồng Create filter

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