My inbox has spread across the screen

My Gmail mail window getting very wide, off the screen wide. A person replied with an answer and said lớn ctrl + roll down và then reset.

But can someone please explain what "roll down" means? I have not "roll down" key on my computer & don"t see any explanation when I google it. I am having this wide screen problem in Google Chrome ...

I have the bar at the bottom but I would really like a way to lớn reform size the tin nhắn text window ... when I resize the chrome window, it just hides the text in my email message that I am typing.

Change the Display Mode (gear in the upper right) lớn Touch-enabled then change it back to lớn your preferred Display mode.

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The action you"re referring to lớn is Ctrl + scrolling down on your mouse"s scroll wheel. This will zoom out and hopefully make your content fit.

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A similar method of the same action would be Ctrl + -.

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Without a mouse lớn "roll" down khổng lồ change display kích thước, you can press & hold Ctrl while you press the keys with "+" or "-" (plus or minus signs) to lớn increase or decrease size.


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