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You can tìm kiếm for gmail messages in any or all mailboxes by using your own words—such as “emails from John sent yesterday”—or by using Mail suggestions and search filters. Top Hits is listed first in the results, and reflects messages you’ve sầu read và replied khổng lồ recently, your VIP senders and contacts, & other factors.


Tip: Your tìm kiếm applies to lớn the current mailbox. To search in specific mailboxes, select them in the Mail sidebar or the Favorites bar before you start.

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In the Mail app on your Mac, in the toolbar, enter a phrase in the search field (if you don’t see it, clichồng the Search button in the toolbar).

Type what you’re looking for the same way you’d say it (this is called natural language search). Here are some examples:

from nisha

from nisha yesterday

lớn kevin

to kevin about remodel

flagged emails

PDF attachments

When you’re done, cliông chồng the Clear button

in the tìm kiếm field.

In the Mail tiện ích on your Mac, in the toolbar, start typing a phrase in the search field (if you don’t see it, cliông xã the Search button in the toolbar), then choose a Mail suggestion.

Mail creates a tìm kiếm filter in the search field & lists the matching messages it found.

If there are no results in the current mailbox, cliông chồng “Search all mailboxes” below the tìm kiếm field.

Refine the results in any of these ways:

Change tìm kiếm filters: If a search filter contains a down arrow, you can cliông xã it to change the filter. For example, you can change a search filter lớn search for messages khổng lồ or from a certain person, or tìm kiếm subject lines or entire messages.


Use multiple search filters: Place the pointer after the first search filter, start typing search text, then choose a suggestion. Repeat as needed; the search field scrolls as you add more search filters.

Mail looks for messages that match all of the tìm kiếm filters; the more you use, the more focused the tìm kiếm. If you don’t get expected results, remove sầu some of the search filters.

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Search using AND, OR, NOT (Boolean operators): Type your tìm kiếm text using the operators (in uppercase).

For example, to search for messages that contain “yellowstone” và “cascades” but not “teton,” type “yellowstone AND cascades NOT teton” or “cascade AND yellowstone -teton.”

When you’re done, cliông chồng the Clear button

in the search field.

Save sầu your search

If you think you might tìm kiếm for a particular mix of messages again, you can save sầu your tìm kiếm as a Smart Mailbox.

In the Mail tiện ích on your Mac, before you clear your search from the search field, click the Add button

in the toolbar above sầu the message list.

Change the name of the Smart Mailbox và conditions, if you want.

Cliông chồng OK.

When you receive new messages that match the Smart Mailbox conditions, the messages are automatically shown when you view the Smart Mailbox. See Use Smart Mailboxes.

When Mail searches all mailboxes, it searches in the Trash mailbox, but not the Junk mailbox; it doesn’t search encrypted messages, either. To change these options, choose Mail > Preferences, clichồng General, then mix the options at the bottom of the pane.

Top Hits aren’t shown when you use column layout to view messages.

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When you search your Mac using Spotlight, emails are included in the results. You can exclude them by changing Spotlight preferences.

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