How do you send executable file using gmail account?

How lớn attach EXE file in Gmail ?

Most tin nhắn providers, like G mail, don’t allow you khổng lồ send executable or “.exe” files as G-Mail is most widely used mailing service hence security is a prime concern for Google because it contains the important confidential content/ data that yours . But this security sometime prevents us from doing something like sending exe pháo as attachment, that’s why you will get a prompt while attaching .exe pháo lượt thích below.

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To maintain the security of data , Google has a great security filter which scans your attachments for malicious contents. So it wont allow you to send the .exe extension files even if you wrap it in a zip or rar.

Than how we can sover .EXE ?

Step 1 : Scan the executable tệp tin you wish to lớn send through your Gmail trương mục with reliable anti-vi khuẩn software lớn ensure the program is clean. Log in to your Gmail tài khoản.
Step 2 :  Open the Window Explorer where you kept the .exe pháo which you wish lớn send.
Step 3 : Cliông chồng on the “View” menu. Select the kiểm tra box “File name extension”. By default it is unchecked. If this is already checked than this step is of no use for you.
Step 4 : Rename the “.exe” tệp tin extension và replace it with “.txt” or “doc” or whatever you like. When prompted, click “Yes” khổng lồ confirm that you wish khổng lồ change the file extension.
Step 5 : Now you are free khổng lồ attach this tệp tin. Just inkhung your recipient to lớn bởi change baông xã the extension into lớn .exe cộ.
Warning :
This way you can bypass the security filer of G-mail but avoid sending an executable tệp tin unless you’re absolutely sure it doesn’t contain a virus or other malicious nội dung. Seek the recipient’s permission before sending the file.

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