Cách thay đổi tài khoản google (gmail) mặc định trên trình duyệt

firefox mailto lớn gmail This is a topic that many people are looking for. furnituremaisak.com is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital kinh doanh and online courses …. it will help you have sầu an overview & solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, furnituremaisak.com would lượt thích khổng lồ introduce to you Make Gmail the mặc định mail app for Safari, Chrome và Firefox . Following along are instructions in the đoạn phim below: “To open gmail link directly inside email on mac chrome. We re going khổng lồ start start with chrome first because that s my default website browser & i find it easier to vày in chrome s it in safari so watch what happens when i clichồng this tin nhắn link this mail to lớn links and as you can see it opens up the stoông chồng mail phầm mềm. Which obviously i vì chưng not want so i m gonna just close this out here. And yeah.

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I just don t like the mail tiện ích. Especially when using it with email. I just find that doesn t work very well so i like to lớn just use you know tin nhắn on a browser. So that s not going khổng lồ work.


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But fortunately..

It s super easy khổng lồ make these link open up in email. I m going to show you how so what we need to lớn bởi vì is just open up tin nhắn and in your address bar on the right side. You re going lớn see this little button right here. Now this actually is the handler button and it tells you that it wants khổng lồ install his service handler so when you cliông xã that you re going to see this allow mailgooglecom.

To open all gmail liên kết allow of course và then just cliông xã done now you can also go into lớn the handler section of the settings in chrome. So just type in chrome slash setting slash handlers và now you ll see the handler. There that s assigned khổng lồ open up mail google comilimet whenever you cliông chồng a mail to lớn link so that s how you bởi vì that & configure that if you want lớn remove it now watch what happens when i cliông xã this mail khổng lồ links cliông xã it right now & it opens directly up in google chrome và the stoông chồng mail app stays in its place see i told you it was simple and straight for it now let s kiểm tra out another browser. You may have sầu heard of safari.


Unfortunately safari isn t as simple khổng lồ set up me. It s simple. But it s not as straightforward and obvious as it is in chrome khổng lồ phối up mail khổng lồ links to open in tin nhắn watch. What happens.

When i cliông chồng this liên kết so no surprise there it opens up the stock mail ứng dụng. Which we vì not want so we re going to just cthua kém that out & quit. It alright. So what s so far e.

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You re going lớn need to lớn use an extension và i ve sầu vetted this extension..

I ve sầu actually looked inside the extension. I ve extracted it looked through the code khổng lồ make sure. It was all good nothing malicious. I ll have it linked in the description.

But all you vì chưng is double cliông xã the extension và then clichồng trust and then you want to lớn just cliông chồng the little options checkmark box. And that will open up the options page và then just make sure. Gmail is selected there all right so now let s just go ahead and try to cliông chồng on our mail to lớn links. Which is right here so let s cliông chồng it & oh that s not exactly what we were going for it s still open the stoông chồng mail phầm mềm.

So what you re going to lớn have lớn vì is actually quit safari lớn make this extension take effect & then reopen safari now let s try our mail lớn liên kết and as you can see it opens up a new email within email inside the safari browser so that s exactly what we want alright so we ve sầu tried google chrome..

We ve tried safari now we have sầu another browser khổng lồ try that you may have heard of yes. Indeed firefox. Now lượt thích google chrome firefox is extremely easy i m going lớn just show you what happens when you cliông chồng a mail to lớn links first of all & no surprise there it opens up the stock mail tiện ích. Which we don t want so we re going to cđại bại that out when i just quit.

It all together and now what we re going to lớn bởi is we re going lớn go up khổng lồ preferences here và we re going to lớn click where it says applications & then you ll see nội dung type select mail khổng lồ and then just click this little drop down box và choose use gmail so that s it you don t have khổng lồ restart the browser or anything so just go baông xã & let s cliông chồng the mail to links & you can see it opens right in tin nhắn inside firefox. So ladies & gentlemen that is how you open up mail lớn links directly inside email in your browser of choice let me know what you lớn get a bình luận section. This is jeff ” ..

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