How to enable custom keyboard shortcuts in gmail

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Be sure khổng lồ turn on keyboard shortcuts before you can start to use them. Dave Johnson/Business Insider


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Scroll to the bottom & cliông chồng "Save changes."

30 essential Gmail keyboard shortcuts

Here are the top 30 keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. You can use this for reference, và scroll down for a more detailed explanation of each shortcut. This menu applies khổng lồ both Windows và Mac computers, so some shortcuts include "Ctrl/Comm&." When on a Mac, you"ll press the Comm& key, but Ctrl when using a Windows PC.

Navigating in Gmail

Search: /xuất hiện keyboard shortcuts: Shift + ?Undo: zNavigate lớn the next or previous email in the inbox: j or kSelect the current message: xMute the current message: mSelect a series of messages: ShiftSelect a non-sequential mix of messages: Ctrl/CommandMark the selected messages as important: =Star the current message: sArchive sầu the selected messages: eSelect all unread messages: Shift + 8 + uMark the selected messages as read: Shift + iMark the selected messages as unread: Shift + uxuất hiện an tin nhắn conversation: Enter

Navigating in Gmail

Search. Press "/" to move the cursor to the search box at the top of the Gmail page lớn immediately type a search.

mở cửa keyboard shortcuts. Press "Shift + ?" to open an overlay that displays all the major keyboard shortcuts you can use in Gmail right now.

Unvày. Press "z" lớn unvì the very last action you took in Gmail.

Navigate to lớn the next or previous email in the inbox. When browsing the inbox, you can press "j" to move sầu to lớn the next gmail in the menu or press "k" khổng lồ go to the previous tin nhắn. The mail is highlighted but not selected.

Select the current message. Press "x" lớn select the currently highlighted tin nhắn conversation. You can use the "j/k" and "x" keys to quickly scroll through your inbox and select emails.

Mute the current message. Press "m" to mute the selected email conversation. This removes the message from the inbox & places it in the archive sầu.

Select a series of messages. To select a continuous set of messages in the inbox, cliông xã the first email"s selection box. Then while holding "Shift," cliông chồng the selection box for the last message to complete the danh sách.

Select a non-sequential mix of messages. To select a phối of messages in the inbox, click the selection box. While holding "Ctrl/Commvà," click the selection box for each additional message you want to lớn select.

Mark the selected messages as important. To mark emails as important, select them & then press "=".

Star the current message. To add a star to lớn the current message, press "s."

Archive sầu the selected messages. To move the selected emails lớn the Archive sầu, press "e."

Select all unread messages. To quickly select all unread messages, press "Shift + 8 + u."

Mark the selected messages as unread. To change a message"s status baông chồng to unread, press "Shift + u."

Mark the selected messages as read. To change a message"s status lớn unread, press "Shift + i."

Working in an gmail message

Snooze an tin nhắn message. Press "b" khổng lồ snooze the selected tin nhắn. A pop-up thực đơn will ask how long you want lớn snooze it for, và the message will disappear from the inbox for the selected time.

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Navigate through an gmail conversation. When you are viewing an tin nhắn conversation with multiple responses, you can use the "p" và "n" keys to move forward and backward through the message to see each response.

Compose a new message. Press "c" to open a new tin nhắn pop-up window khổng lồ compose a new message. If you press "d," you"ll open the new gmail window in a separate browser tab.

Add a cc recipient lớn an gmail. To add a new cc recipient to lớn an gmail message, press "Ctrl/Commvà + Shift + c." A cc line will appear so you can enter the recipient.

Add a bcc recipient to an email. To add a new bcc recipient khổng lồ an gmail message, press "Ctrl/Comm& + Shift + b." A bcc line will appear so you can enter the recipient.

Move between To line, Subject, và toàn thân. You can use the "Tab" key lớn quickly move sầu downward from the recipient lines to Subject lớn the gmail toàn thân. Press "Shift + Tab" khổng lồ go baông xã upward in reverse.

Insert a links in an email. Select text in the gmail body and then press "Ctrl/Commvà + k." You"ll see the Edit Link window in which you can enter the URL khổng lồ which you want khổng lồ links. You can also use this shortcut without highlighting the text first, but you"ll need khổng lồ enter the text you want to lớn link from.

Sover a message. Press "Ctrl/Commvà + Enter" to lớn sover a completed gmail message. Beware of pressing this by accident – it"s easy lớn sover an incomplete email with this shortcut.

Formatting text

Bold. Select text and then press "Ctrl/Commvà + b" to lớn make it bold.

Italics. Select text & then press "Ctrl/Comm& + I" lớn make it italics.

Underline. Select text và then press "Ctrl/Command + u" lớn underline it.

Start a numbered các mục. To make a numbered các mục (also known as an ordered list), press "Ctrl/Commvà + Shift + 7." A number 1 should appear in your email message.

Start a bulleted list. To make a bulleted (or unordered) menu, press "Ctrl/Comm& + Shift + 8." The first bullet in the các mục should appear in the tin nhắn message.

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Indent more. To indent text, place the cursor & then press "Ctrl/Command + >."

Indent less. To reduce the indent amount, place the cursor và then press "Ctrl/Commvà + <."

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