How do you login as a different user through gmail?

If you have sầu more than one Gmail tài khoản & are wondering how to lớn log in lớn a device without losing the other, here’s a guide that can help you with that. Gmail supports multiple user accounts, which means you can sign in with more than one account on a device. This works on both the tiện ích and browser. Additionally, you can also switch between the accounts on the go. That said, the Gmail login different user functionality doesn’t change your mặc định account. Irrespective sầu of how many logins you vày, the tài khoản remains the same that you have used while setting up the device. Read on to lớn find out how lớn login lớn Gmail with another trương mục, while keeping other Gmail sessions active sầu.

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Gmail login different user

How lớn login to lớn Gmail with another account on Smartphone phone

The best way lớn log in to lớn Gmail with another trương mục on a mobile phone is through an app. The Gmail app comes pre-loaded in almost all Android devices, while iPhone users can download it via App Store.


To login with a different user on Gmail, fire up the appTap on the circular protệp tin icon in the top right corner & choose ‘Add another account’You get the option lớn add another tài khoản from Google, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo, and other.If you are using Android Smartphone phone user, you’ll have to lớn verify that’s youAfter this, enter your tin nhắn ID và passwordHit ‘Next’

You’ll now be logged in with different users in Gmail. The same steps can be used lớn add another Gmail tài khoản. If you don’t automatically l& on the Gmail ứng dụng of the tài khoản, you can switch using the steps stated below.

How lớn switch between Gmail accounts

The steps khổng lồ switch between Gmail accounts on di động phone và máy tính xách tay are pretty much the same:

Cliông xã on the protệp tin iconSelect the tài khoản whose emails you wish khổng lồ see

That’s it! The Gmail ứng dụng will show the emails of that particular tài khoản. You can perkhung the same steps khổng lồ switch between accounts for other Google services, including YouTube, Drive sầu, & Chrome.

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How khổng lồ login khổng lồ Gmail with another account on desktop

As for the desktop, you can login lớn Gmail with another trương mục using any browser. If you happened lớn have sầu a previous session still signed in, you will immediately see your Gmail inbox. If not, open Gmail or any other Google service và sign-in with your account.


To add another tài khoản, tap on the profile iconChoose ‘Add another account’Enter your tin nhắn ID or phone number, then hit ‘Next’ & add passwordClick on ‘Next’ and voila, you’re logged in

To switch between accounts on desktop you can follow the aforementioned steps. Additionally, the browser allows you to open multiple Gmail accounts open side by side on different tabs khổng lồ keep an overview.

Gmail login different user FAQ

How to change your primary Gmail account

Primary or mặc định Gmail tài khoản is the tài khoản that you have sầu signed in at first. If you want to set another account as your mặc định trương mục, “Sign out of all accounts” from the device. Now, sign in with the trương mục that you want lớn phối as a default or primary Gmail tài khoản.

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How khổng lồ switch between Gmail accounts

After you have sầu successfully logged in khổng lồ your Gmail accounts, tap on the profile ibé in the top right corner và select the Gmail account whose emails you would lượt thích lớn see. Additionally, you can merge inboxes and avoid the hassle of switching between Gmail accounts. For this, tap on the hamburger inhỏ và select the ‘All inboxes’ option.

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