How to strikethrough text in gmail

Gmail doesn’t provide any strikethrough text formatting option as of 2018.

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We go through several options about how lớn add a strikethrough lớn your email messages.

Keep in mind that the Gmail’s compose window should not be in “Plain Text Mode” for any formatting option to lớn work.

Keyboard ShortCut – HotKey Method

This is the most straightforward way of adding a strikethrough khổng lồ text in Gmail.

Select the text that you want to lớn apply strikethroughCliông xã on the keyboard shortcut ALT+SHIFT+5 – (Use the number “5” in the top row of your keyboard, not the one on the numeric pad)

When you release the buttons, the text will be formatted with strikethrough. If you want khổng lồ remove it, just clichồng ALT+SHIFT+5 once more.

I have sầu tested this shortcut method on Chrome, IE edge, Opera and Firefox, và it worked on all browsers without any problem.

You can also add a strikethrough to lớn any text on google docs or google sheets using this hotkey method.

You can find all shortcuts for PC, Mac & Chrome OS here:

For Mac, use the shortcut CMD+SHIFT+X khổng lồ add a strikethrough lớn your text.

Copy-Paste Method

This method can be used for any application that doesn’t tư vấn strikethrough formatting.

The method is pretty simple. mở cửa Microsoft Word or Google Doc, copy & paste the strikethrough text to lớn the application that doesn’t tư vấn it, in this case, Gmail.

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For this tutorial, we use copy strikethrough text from a Google Doc.

Copy a strikethrough text from Google DocPaste it to the Gmail message

One disadvantage of this method is that when you paste the copied text to lớn Gmail, you notice that phông và any other formatting is also carried into lớn the Gmail message. To fix that, vì not apply any other formatting in Google Doc or Microsoft Word and just re-apply the current font that you use in your Gmail message lớn the strikethrough text.

After you are done with strikethrough text, use the “Remove Formatting” button to lớn kết thúc any further strikethrough formatting.



If you still prefer to have sầu a strikethrough button on Gmail’s compose window, kiểm tra out these extensions.

“StrikeThrough for Gmail” is a light-weight extension that adds a strikethrough button to lớn Gmail’s new message window. It alsobinds the keyboard shortcut, CTRL+SHIFT+S, to strikethrough formatting.


There is also a Firefox extension called “strikeThrough“, but it is not compatible with the lachạy thử version of Firefox & has not been updated since năm ngoái.

Other Methods

There are other options like inspecting the page HTML & adding a tag to the text or adding a script khổng lồ the browser, but I’ve sầu not included those as they are really not very practical for most users.

How to Add StrikeThrough lớn Subject Line

You can’t add styling lớn the gmail subject line, but there is a tool that converts your text to lớn a strikethrough plain text format, which you can use not only in Gmail’s subject line but in other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

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This nice little tool also allows you to lớn create the text in many other formats lượt thích cross-hatched, struck-through, waved, dotted or underlined text.

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