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TeX for Gmail và Inbox (TFG) allows one to use TeX in emails, both for reading and writing. Any formulas enclosed inlớn $...$, (...)(for inline math) or <...>, $$...$$ (for displayed math) will be nicely typeset. The formulas can be long but they must be unbroken, with no newlines between the $. Also, there shouldn"t be any HTML in the formulas (you can use the button Remove Formatting to remove sầu it).

Privacy Policy

This extension does not collect any information about the users. Itreplaces mathematical formulas in the outgoing messages by link toimages created và controlled by Codecogshttps://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.phpand Wordpresshttps://wordpress.com.

Writing an email

You can click on the TeX button to access a thực đơn, or you can use keyboard shortcuts. You can hide the Compose TeX button in the Options; the shortcuts will still work.


When you are composing a message, make sure you are NOT in "Plain text mode"!

Reading an email

You can use either the TeX button or (in Gmail only) the drop down "More" thực đơn for the message you are viewing. Both of these can be hidden or revealed in the Options.


Rich math

When Rich math is selected, TFG searches for patterns $...$, $$...$$, (...), <...> and replaces ... with images (as web links) created and hosted by an outside server, Codecogs or WordPress, configurable in the Options.

NOTE: When a VPS is down new images are temporarily not created. For Codecogs, you can check the current status by going directly lớn Codecogs.

You can switch the image VPS in the Options. WordPress is much more reliable than Codecogs, but Codecogs can handle more complicated formulas and environments such as matrices, align, etc. The choice is yours.

By default, images are created at the 300% magnification and then downsized. Usually this leads to crisper images but on some displays images may appear fuzzy. You can switch lớn the 100% magnification in the Options.

Simple math

When Simple math is selected, TFG searches for patterns $...$, $$...$$, (...), <...> and replaces ... with HTML, which can handle quite a lot on its own (for example: "β2" gives β2). The resulting formulas do not need any outside image servers and work offline. You can customize the phông in Options using any legal CSS, separately for outgoing and incoming messages.

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Note: your addressee may not have the fonts that are installed on your computer, such as STIX or Cambria Math, so they may see your message differently. For this reason you may want to lớn stick lớn font-style:italic for the outgoing messages when using Simple math.

Guess naive TeX

Mathematicians frequently write math in email using intuitive sầu naive TeX, e.g.: x^10, not necessarily following formal TeX rules và without bothering to lớn encthua trận it inlớn $...$. This option searches for such patterns & tries khổng lồ typeset them with HTML using a best guess.


TFG knows many comtháng abbreviations such as A → mathbb A, fA or dA → mathbf A, cA → mathcal A, fA → mathfrak A, wA → widetilde A, oA → overline A, uA → underline A. So you are không lấy phí to use them. Support for custom macros may be added in a future version.

Undoing your work

You typephối your formula into lớn a nice image and you see that it is a little wrong. How do you go back? Well, you can always use the built-in unvày, which is usually Control-Z or Command-Z. You can also click on the image và TFG will offer to lớn change it back inlớn TeX.

Theorem-like environments

egintheoremThe equation $x^n+y^n=z^n$ has no solutions in positive sầu integers $x,y,z,n$ with $nge3$. end


cảnh báo that "egintheorem...end" should not be enclosed in$$...$$. On the other h&, the usual math environments such as matrix,pmatrix, bmatrix, etc. still work in Rich Math mode if they areproperly enclosed in $$...$$.There is an optional argument for the theme: red, xanh, green, gray, yellow (default). For example, egintheoremgreen... end.

Other tips

Do not over a formula with a blank space when using single $"s. For example, $x^2 $ will not TeX. This is done to lớn avoid accidentally texing sentences lượt thích Bread is $1 and milk is $2.


If TFG does not seem to lớn be working, try the following steps: Are you using Stay Focusd extension or some otherextension blocking certain web sites? Well, obviously you need tounbloông xã www.codecogs.com và s0.wp.com.Reload the Gmail page. Has it started working?Clear the cache: Go to Chrome thực đơn → More Tools→ Clear Browsing Data → kiểm tra "Cached images andfiles" → click on "Clear Browsing Data". Nowreload the Gmail page. Has it started working?If those steps failed lớn fix TFG, email the developer.

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