The tinder marketing strategy unpacked: 4 lessons for dating app marketers

Tinder, the dating ứng dụng that made “swipe right” and “swipe left” part of our everyday verbiage, is winning the hearts of users and advertisers alượt thích. The app’s user base of 50 million, 85% of which are between the ages of 18 và 34, has caught the attention of brands looking lớn connect with millennials through unconventional sale. Aside from offering direct access to a vast audience of millennials, there are a couple reasons Tinder is a compelling channel for marketers. But how do you advertise on Tinder?

First, companies are advertising on Tinder through programatic digital ads. Companies are able to get their brvà in front of users, though users may be reluctant to lớn clichồng a paid ad that is less than engaging. By using creative Tinder sale strategies, brands have sầu been able to lớn engage with users outside of traditional ads with greater success.

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Second, brands that advertise on Tinder through kém chất lượng profiles have users’ undivided attention. Once a user swipes right, the campaign occupies his or her entire sản phẩm điện thoại screen, và that’s all they’ll see until they swipe left or tap the “X” inhỏ. This is a more focused user experience than those offered by most of the other major social platforms.

Here are seven brands that have implemented clever Tinder sale campaigns––& what you can learn from them.

1. Ex Machina: The Robot that Stole Hearts at SXSW

Next time you swipe right, don’t be surprised if things aren’t what they seem. Male attendees at the SXSW festival matched with a beautiful 25-year-old woman named Ava only lớn discover, after chatting back-và forth for a while, that Ava was a robot whose Tinder protệp tin was created khổng lồ promote the film Ex Machina, which premiered at the festival.


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The big reveal happened following a bit of friendly banter, when Ava’s suitors were directed lớn her Instagram profile promoting the film.

Top Tip: This campaign stood out because it fooled users inkhổng lồ thinking they were chatting with a real woman, whereas most other Tinder sale campaigns have sầu been upfront about the fact that they’re ads. While this technique will likely drive high engagement rates, a brand also risks annoying users who thought they had a chance at a real date; some might feel lượt thích the chiến dịch wasted their time.

If your brvà decides to explore this type of chiến dịch, you could offer a promotion or reward following the big reveal so that users feel like they’ve gained something in exchange for their time.

2. Domino’s: Who Needs a Date for Valentine’s Day When You Can Have Free Pizza?

Domino’s turned up the temperature on Valentine’s Day with their Tinder chiến dịch, which allowed men & women lớn swipe right for the chance to get không lấy phí pizza & discounts. The brvà engaged hungry suitors in pun-filled Valentine’s conversations và then sent tasty rewards to lớn the best ones.


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According to lớn Iris Worldwide, the campaign resulted in over 700 Tinder matches & a potential social reach of more than 200,000. The reason this Tinder sale strategy worked is that, even though it was obviously an ad, the content fit perfectly within the context of Valentine’s day, và the brand engaged the app’s singles in such a way that made them feel like it truly understood their V-day dating woes.

Top Tip: Make sure your protệp tin image is bold and simple enough lớn be understood at a quichồng glance. Users are accustomed to speedily swiping through profiles, so you’ll only have a few seconds khổng lồ communicate your message and grab people’s attention.

3. The Atlanta Hawks & Bud Light: Creating Memorable Experiences

The Atlanta Hawks created memorable experiences for basketball fans at a recent game by hosting Swipe Right Night, where the team encouraged fans lớn swipe right for a chance to lớn win access to special “Love Lounges” filled with Tinder users interested in meeting other singles. Additionally, according to lớn the Washington Post, the team promised khổng lồ have sầu some of Jezebel magazine’s “Atlanta’s Most Eligible” single people participating.


Image via the Atlatmãng cầu Hawks’ Twitter

Bud Light is the latest brand khổng lồ launch an ad campaign on Tinder, and they’re the first ever to lớn thử nghiệm video clip ads. During the campaign, users over 21 will see Bud Light videos promoting their next “Whatever, USA” party & encouraging users to swipe right for the chance to lớn win tickets to lớn the event, where they might even meet their next love interest over a beer.

Top Tip: Take a cue from Bud Light and the Atlanta Hawks và show users that your br& has their best interests at heart. These brands used Tinder lớn create enjoyable real-world experiences that they clearly put a lot of thought inkhổng lồ, connecting people with common interests in a fun setting. These campaigns embody the idea of putting your customer first.

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4. The Mindy Project và Suits: Match with Your Favorite TV Characters

If there’s any TV character that truly gets the struggles of being single, it’s Mindy from the hit series The Mindy Project, so the show’s Tinder chiến dịch fit perfectly with its personality.

Fox Entertainment partnered with Tinder khổng lồ present characters from The Mindy Project, including Mindy & Danny, khổng lồ Tinder users. The playful, funny protệp tin descriptions, which appeared after a user swiped right, perfectly represented the personalities of each character. Tinder users who matched with either one of the characters were sent a message telling them lớn tune in lớn the next episode.


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USA launched a similar campaign in mid-2013, setting up profiles to lớn promote the third season of Suits. The chiến dịch was intended to drive sầu viewers for the July 16, 2013 season premiere of the show, particularly aao ước younger adults (the app’s main user demographic). Users were prompted lớn match with either Suits law partner Harvey Specter or paralegal Rachel Zane, depending on their preference settings for connecting with men or women. Users that swiped right on a character’s protệp tin got access to exclusive nội dung from the show available only lớn Tinder users.

Top Tip: Make sure your Tinder sale strategy is on-brand. The Mindy Project và Suits campaigns worked well because dating is a big part of both shows, & many Tinder users would be more than happy to match with Harvey, Rachel, Mindy, or Danny in real life.

5. Amnesty International: Raise Awareness about an Important Social Cause

Tinder campaigns aren’t always flirty & fun; several nonprofit organizations have used the dating ứng dụng to educate people about important social issues.

For example, Amnesty International nước Australia used the network lớn raise awareness about forced marriages with a campaign launched on International Women’s Day. The nonprofit replaced protệp tin pictures with downloadable images illustrating that oppressed women around the world still aren’t able khổng lồ make important choices about their lives––the kinds of choices that many of us take for granted.

Here’s how Amnesty International’s Caroline Easter described the flow of the campaign:

“The campaign was centered around International Women’s Day with the Tinder images that Amnesty posted driving traffic khổng lồ the Make a choice website. Here, we ran a quiz in which users were asked lớn make choices lượt thích marry for money or marry for love. A clichồng on money revealed a new page that explained that in rural Pakistan many girls are sold inkhổng lồ forced marriage. Data, including gmail addresses was captured on the site, & interested visitors were contacted khổng lồ see if they would lượt thích to support Amnesty’s human rights work.”


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 Top Tip: If your organization decides khổng lồ advertise a social cause on Tinder, make sure the campaign fits within the context of the dating ứng dụng. Amnesty International’s chiến dịch link the cornucopia of choice that Tinder users have sầu for picking a date with the complete lachồng of choice that many women around the world face when it comes to lớn their love sầu lives. Similarly, this chiến dịch about sex trafficking by advertising agency Eighty Twenty và The Immigrant Council of Ireland draws people in by appearing khổng lồ be a normal Tinder profile.

Advertising on Tinder

With a user base collectively swiping right or left 1.5 billion times a day, Tinder offers intrepid brands direct access khổng lồ a very active millennial audience.

But since Tinder ads still aren’t an accepted part of the everyday user experience, brands should create campaigns that fit within the context of the dating tiện ích and are driven by nội dung that is informative sầu, compelling, rewarding, và entertaining. After all, demonstrating that your br& seeks lớn add value to lớn customers’ daily lives is an essential part of creating delightful customer experiences.

Also, take a lesson from The Gap’s recent guerrilla kinh doanh Tinder chiến dịch that backfired. The brvà neglected khổng lồ get permission from the dating ứng dụng before launching their chiến dịch, và their profile was swiftly removed. So don’t go rogue! Make sure Tinder has approved your chiến dịch first.

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