I am going to vegas alone

Knowing its reputation for romance và erotica, you want to leave with at least one crazy experience.

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Well, with today’s article to lớn guide you, you’ll get more Tinder dates than you can handle.

Read on và get:

10 Rules that’ll greatly increase your odds of getting lucky5 Tinder alternatives that can potentially get you more bow chicka wow wowHow khổng lồ get her hooked on your texts6 Best date locations in Las VegasAnd an irresistible opener that always gets a replyMore…

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Why Tinder in Vegas is… different

Being the tiệc nhỏ capital of the world, Vegas could impossibly be normal.

So what exactly makes Las Vegas so different?

1. Every local thinks she’s Stormy Daniels

Beach blonde, boobs the kích thước of watermelons, eyelashes that can poke your eye out, LOTS of glitter, & a trunk full of stilettos.

No, I’m not describing a stripper. You’ll hurt her feelings if you call her a stripper.

I’m describing the local supermarket cashier.

And every hostess.


Now you also don’t want khổng lồ assume she’s loose.

Just because she’s dressed a certain way doesn’t make her a professional in pubic relations.

Although she probably does accept lavish gifts as payment for an undisclosed service.

Because accepting gifts is… legal.

Which brings me to my last point:

If she wants you khổng lồ buy her gifts, she’s probably a sex worker.

2. Every dude thinks he’s Connor McGreggor

That dude fixing the radiator in the khách sạn lobby?

He’s an MMA fighter by night.

The Starbucks barista?

Will get you in a headloông xã faster than you can say, “Hazelnut non-fat late.”

So if you’re going clubbing (what else would you be doing?) you may run into typical bro behavior.

“You eyeballing my woman, bruh?”


Don’t worry, most of them are actually pretty harmless. Besides, there’s always lots of security who has your back.

Just don’t look for fights, because you’ll probably find one.

3. No one shall pass the I-15

In case you didn’t know, there is an interstate highway that cuts the City of Sin in half.

Although both sides are part of the same thành phố.

Hardly anyone wants lớn cross over to the other side.

So if you’re staying on a hotel the East side, be sure lớn figure out where your Tinder match lives.

Because if it’s the West side…

You may be in for trouble.

*tough girl finger snapping intensifies*


(If you bởi not understvà this West Side Story reference, you are too damn young! No, j/k. I love sầu you young ‘uns too.)

Seriously though, the I-15 frequently gets in the way of love. Unless she super duper likes you, she likely won’t make the effort khổng lồ cross the I-15 herself.

So be prepared to lớn make the trek to the other side yourself.

4. What’s a relationship?

If you live in the các buổi party capital of the world, you’re not a responsible, mature, future-oriented adult.

You come lớn Vegas lớn make 6 figures while pouring shots & blow it all on blackjaông xã and hookers.

And to các buổi tiệc nhỏ until the sun comes up.

So Vegas is hardly the place for relationships.

Although it does have a high density of drive-through wedding chapels.

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Point is, don’t get too attached khổng lồ someone.

Although Vegas does have sầu locals, almost no 30+-year-old local has been there since birth.

Almost no one stays in Sin City for life.

Once the các buổi tiệc nhỏ years are gone, people move sầu khổng lồ settle elsewhere.

So if you’re looking for adventure, Vegas is as good as it gets.

Relationships, however, not so much.

Unless your Tinder match và you drunkenly get married.

Tinder alternatives in Las Vegas

Before you get a brain aneurysm, let me straighten out the facts.

Tinder gets you PLENTY of matches.

So why switch to lớn a dating tiện ích alternative?

Because finding the right match is critical.

If you’ve spent any time on dating apps, you know that a match is no guarantee for a date.

Some girls respond to lớn your texts poorly.

While others can’t wait khổng lồ hear bachồng from you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all girls couldn’t wait lớn hear back from you?

In that case you may want to lớn try other apps.

Apps that have your exact type of girl.

Tinder’s biggest issue is that it doesn’t have a type. Tinder has girls from every imaginable background, culture, ethnicity and age.

Which is great, unless you don’t have time lớn figure out if you and your match have sầu any chemistry.

And most of you reading this are probably in Vegas for a brief time.

So if you’re in a hurry, check out these Tinder alternatives to find your type of girl.

1. Happn

Las Vegas is a densely populated đô thị.

With roughly 650,000 locals & about 374,000 tourists, you have sầu plenty of potential cuties.


Still, being such a large metropolis, you preferably want lớn match with girls who are close lớn your khách sạn.

The further your match lives, the smaller the odds of meeting up.

Happn helps you find sexy singles that you’ve already crossed paths with.

And who probably live sầu in the area. Or at the very least visit the same places.

Which makes setting up the date that much easier.

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Plus, if you visit places that suit your tastes, you’ll find girls with a similar personality as you.

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