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Building on Beacons

Beacons lets users choose between free & premium tiers. At $10 per month, the “entrepreneur” tier offers a couple of killer features worth considering, including tư vấn for custom domains and additional “blocks” — the liên kết, text và image slots that comprise a Beacons page.

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Beyond premium pricing, Beacons makes money by taking a cut of sales through its handful of monetization-focused blocks, like a shopping-enabled TikTok feed, a digital storefront for videos and ebooks, và a “requests” bloông chồng that lets creators sell custom content directly khổng lồ their followers. Beacons’ free plan charges a 9% fee on transactions, while the premium plan cuts that down lớn 5%.

Landing sites built through Beacons are deeply customizable, hearkening back khổng lồ the MySpace era of media-rich, curated homepages. The company recently added what it calls the “community blochồng,” a designated place where creators can highlight collaborators they might team up with often on a collab-obsessed platform like TikTok. The company currentlycounts Sia, Green Day và Russell Brand ahy vọng its high protệp tin users.

Beacons also supports điện thoại marketing through email và SMS và analytics to lớn help creators understvà their audiences. The company says that its user base has grown by 70% every month since its October launch.

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“Today’s content creators and consumers have sầu more sophisticated expectations than existing social platforms allow,” Jean said in the funding announcement. “…With Beacons, creators can control their destiny by directing online traffic to lớn a custom tên miền that looks awesome, is shareable and ultimately generates revenue.”


“Nothing like fireworks to signal a new spark & a new start for those looking to lớn meet new people IRL this summer,” Tinder CEO Jyên ổn Lanzone said.

According khổng lồ OkCupid, getting vaccinated might help with that. The company found that people who displayed their vaccination status were 14 percent more likely khổng lồ find a match. On OkCupid, vaccinated users will get a miễn phí boost, a perk that promotes their protệp tin to potential matches. The other apps participating in the Nhà Trắng initiative sầu are handing out their own premium perks lớn give users a competitive sầu edge.

The effort is part of a push by the Nhà Trắng lớn get 70 percent of adults vaccinated by the Fourth of July. To reach more Americans, the Biden administration has also coordinated with popular entertainment companies like NASCAR và country music channel CMT khổng lồ promote vaccination.

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“Social distancing và dating were always a bit of a challenging combination,” White House nhà trắng Senior COVID Advisor Andy Slavitt said during a press event Friday. He characterized the vaccine push through dating apps as those companies “responding to the president’s gọi to lớn action” rather than calling it an official partnership.

“We have finally found the one thing that makes use all more attractive,” Slavitt said. “A vaccination.”

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