Tinder top artists are inaccurate

Tinder has already developed a fairly robust chat platform within its dating tiện ích, with support for sharing things lượt thích Bitmoji và GIFs, and the ability khổng lồ “like” messages by tapping a heart inhỏ. Now, the company is testing a new integration — sharing music via Spotify. Tinder confirmed with furnituremaisak.com it’s trying out a new way to connect users, by allowing them to lớn chia sẻ music within their chats.

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The demo is currently taking place on website and iOS across global markets, and Spotify is the only music service involved.

The new feature was first spotted by the blog MSPoweruser, which speculated the addition could be an experiment on Tinder’s part, ahead of a public launch. That does seem lớn be the case, as it turns out.

According lớn screenshots the site posted, a green music ibé has been swapped in for the Bitmoji icon. Clicking this allows you khổng lồ enter a query into lớn a tìm kiếm box và see matching results displayed above. You’re not able lớn nói qua the full tuy vậy, however — only a 30-second clip.



Above: Tinder music chạy thử with Spotify; credits: MSPoweruser

Tinder, like its rival Bumble, has offered integration with Spotify’s streaming music service since năm nhâm thìn.

Both apps allow users khổng lồ connect their Spotify accounts in order to lớn showcase their top artists on their profile. As Tinder explained at the time of launch, music can be a powerful signal in terms of attraction, & plays an important role in terms of getting to know a new connection, as well.

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The company even launched its own profile on Spotify, with playlists focused on dating, love and romance as a part of its collaboration with the music service.

The Spotify integration has paid off for Tinder in terms of user engagement within its app, the company tells us.

“Users love connecting over shared tastes in music,” a Tinder spokesperson explained. “In fact, users who update their ‘Anthem’ are most likely to start a conversation via Feed. With this in mind, we’re testing the ability to lớn chia sẻ music with a match while chatting on Tinder,” they added.

The “Anthem” is a feature that lets you pichồng a favorite tuy vậy or one that’s representative of your tastes or personality. This is then highlighted in a special section on your Tinder profile.

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Tinder did not offer any details as to when it expects the kiểm tra lớn wrap or when it would launch music sharing more broadly.

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