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The first thing I have lớn vị when I’m working with one of my clients is khổng lồ help them decide which dating site best suits their personal needs. If you’re new lớn online dating, it can be overwhelming. Joining the wrong dating site could mean not being able to find the types of people you want lớn meet and being overwhelmed by tons of the people you don’t want khổng lồ meet. Right now, most dating sites và apps break down into two main categories: Traditional Dating Sites & Swipe Apps. We are going to lớn talk about the big differences between the two categories by taking a quiông xã look at how two of the industry leaders differ from each other. The two sites/ apps we’ll be looking at are & Tinder. Both can be great options, but as you’ll see, they are each designed for a specific purpose và aimed at a specific demographic. Interestingly, và Tinder are also both owned by the same parent company.

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Average Age Of UsersDepending on your age, different dating options might suit you better than others. It’s best khổng lồ choose a dating option where you have sầu the biggest compatible peer group.

– Tinder is exclusively available in an phầm mềm format and has been designed to be experienced lượt thích a game. It is also possible khổng lồ have a complete Tinder experience without ever having lớn spkết thúc a single penny. This format attracts a much younger user. According to One study, more than một nửa of Tinder’s users were in the college age group, while another study has previously tracked more than 80% of the app’s users lớn be between the ages of 16-34.

– is a dating site which can also be accessed through an tiện ích. It follows the traditional protệp tin and search format that has become the industry standard for dating sites over the last couple of decades. They also require a paid subscription before you can communicate with other users. This format tends to lớn attract relationship-driven singles that have had a little more life experience. According lớn one analysis, the biggest age group for is 25-44, with their second biggest age group being 45-64.

How Does The Site/ App Experience Differ?

– Tinder exists only on your phone. When you log in, you are presented with an image of a thành viên who fits the basic preferences (gender/ age/ distance) you have established. If you are interested in them, you would swipe their photo lớn towards the right side of your screen. If you are not interested in them, you swipe left to remove them from your dating pool. If you want khổng lồ see more than the pholớn, you can tap on the corner of the image lớn exp& out the rest of their profile. There, you will see the rest of their photos, their age, location, a 1-3 sentence bio (if they have sầu filled it out), & links lớn their Spotify & Instagram accounts.

If the person you swiped right on has also swiped right on you, Tinder will inkhung you that there is a match. This notification allows you to lớn then communicate with them through a chat window. If they have sầu swiped left on you, there will be no opportunity for you lớn communicate with them.

– exists as both a trang web and an app, though some studies suggest that nearly 75% of all dating traffic is now happening on the phone or tablet instead of on computers. When you log in, you are presented with a few potential matches that have been selected by the site’s algorithm. The site also offers a detailed search that allows you to narrow your potential dates by criteria that include body toàn thân type, height, race, religion, smoking & drinking habits, relationship status, and more. When you run your tìm kiếm you are presented with the complete listing of everyone who fits your criteria within the distance limits that you have sầu specified. A typical profile includes 3-5 photos, a 1-3 paragraph bio, & several ancillary sections about interests.

When you find someone that interests you, you can send them a message (providing that you are a paying member). If they are also a paying member, and they are interested in you, they will respond. Most subscription plans include the ability to see if/when someone has read a message that you have sầu sent.

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User Intent

– Tinder is designed khổng lồ feel like a Clip game. The swiping motion is designed for impulse-driven choices that are based on attraction. Little attention is paid lớn a written description, leaving the photos to lớn be the determining factor of interest. This type of design is not created for meaningful connections. It’s designed for finding a date, having a great time, và for bored people who just want to lớn see how much attention they can attract. While there has been an increasing number of relationship seekers joining Tinder and similar apps (Bumble, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel), There are also some reports that have found more than 40% of Tinder users lớn be currently in a relationship.

– is a more involved experience that requires users lớn create a profile và only allows communication with other members after paying for a subscription (around $trăng tròn per month). While there is a segment of the members who are looking for a fling, the most popular reason for joining is to find a date và hopefully a serious relationship.

Which Option Is Right For Me?It’s important lớn know that neither of these options is bad, just that one might be better for you than the other. It’s also important to lớn consider that Match was picked because it is a leader in the category of traditional dating sites và Tinder is the leader in swipe style dating apps. Additional sites that lean towards a similar experience to Match include POF, OkCupid, Zoosk, Ourtime, & eHarmony. eHarmony offers you a great way to lớn meet people for a deeper connection & find someone who brings out the best in you rather than just a hookup.

Apps that offer similar experiences to Tinder include Bumble, Hinge, & Coffee Meets Bagel. Each site và phầm mềm have sầu special features that make them unique, but this article gives you the basics of what khổng lồ expect in the category as a whole. That being said, the following summary should help clear up which site or ứng dụng is best for you, based on what you are hoping to lớn achieve with online dating.


TinderAverage Age Range: 18-34Cost: Free (with micropayment add-ons)Search: You can swipe through users in your area & select users that interest youContacting other members: There is no charge lớn tương tác other members, but they must also swipe right on your protệp tin. The primary mode of liên hệ between members is text chat.Average Intent: The tiện ích is designed for people who are focused on meeting someone as soon as possible for a date & a fun night out. The focus is not on creating a lasting relationship, but it is possible khổng lồ find one.

Match.comAverage Age Range: 35-55Cost: Free to lớn browse, Approximately $trăng tròn per month to lớn subscribe.Search: A detailed tìm kiếm that allows you to narrow your results to lớn only the criteria of interest khổng lồ you.Contacting other members: Only paying members can liên hệ other members. The primary khung of contact is internal message center.Average Intent: Match designed their experience for people seeking a relationship. While there are some members that are just looking for a fling, the vast majority of singles on the site are looking for love.

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I hope this gives you a better idea of the two most popular styles of online dating. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the type of dating experience you are looking for and what relationship goal you are hoping khổng lồ achieve sầu. If you need a little more help figuring it out and getting started on the right foot, give sầu me a Call (Eric) at 1-888-447-7634, or kiểm tra out our services lớn see how we can help you take control of your online dating life.

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