How to fix unfortunately thiên ngoại giang hồ has stopped error in android & ios mobile phone

Google play stopping or crashing may not be something new lớn many apk users. We may have sầu experienced this one time or another. You may see a message lượt thích this: unfortunately google play store has stopped. Another thing you can see is the download error message. These can be a bummer. But do not fret, in this article, we have sầu listed a whole lot of solutions about how khổng lồ fix if Google play store keeps stopping or crashing on your Android phone


What khổng lồ Do If the Google Play Keeps Stopping or Crashing

Uninstall Android System Webview updates

Recently, an issue with Android System WebView was confirmed, which caused many apps to lớn crash or stop working on Android. If the Google Play services keeps stopping or crashing, you can try lớn uninstall Android System WebView updates on your Android phone

1.Go to settings on your Android phone

2.Tap on apps on the device

3. Select App settings or find the system apps ( it may vary on different android phones).Quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Error: unfortunately, google play services has stopped

4. Find the Android System WebView. If you can not find Android System Webview, then just tìm kiếm for it in the phone settings

5. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner và then tap on Uninstall updates


Uninstall Chrome updates

If the solutions above sầu bởi vì not work or your Android System WebView is disabled, you can also try to uninstall Chrome Updates to fix Google Play store not working or keeps crashing.

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1. mở cửa the Settings

2. Tap on "Apps"

3. Select the "Chrome" app

4. Tap on the three dots in the top corner and click on "Unisntall updates"


Note: If your Google store service works properly now, you can go to lớn the Google Play store và update both the lachạy thử Android System WebView & the Google Chrome apps which are also recommended to lớn fix Google Play store not working or other android apps that keep crashing.

Check Your Internet Connection

Google play store thrives on data và internet. Without these two, the app will not work. The first thing khổng lồ check when google playstorekeeps stoppingis your mạng internet connection. Chechồng if you have sầu network signals strong enough for surfing the mạng internet. If the placehas a poor network reception, you might want lớn try another place.

If you are certain that your network signal is svào enough, you can kiểm tra if there isstillenoughdata on your phone. You can also turn-off and turn-on your data connection to see if things would change.

Clear the Google Play App Cache

Amassing and storing large amounts of data can hugely inhibit the performance of your phone. Excess data and info stored in the phone can cause your google play store to keep crashing and deleting them might just be the key to solving your issues. To clear the google play phầm mềm cabịt do the following:

Select settings on your phone.Go to lớn storage.Clichồng on internal storage.You will get a list of things that biến hóa your internal storage. Select apps.This will show you all the applications on your phone.Tap on Google Play Store.Cliông xã on clear cabít.

Install the Lademo Google Play

For applications in our apk phones khổng lồ work perfectly, they need to be updated. This helps maximize the full potentials of that app. The reason why your google play services keep stopping maybe because the ứng dụng is not updated. So, if you find your google play is unable to work, you can update itaccording to lớn the following steps:

Launch your play store and tap the three horizontal lines on the phone’s top left corner.Go khổng lồ settings.Under the about section, you will see the Play store version.Tap on it. If the version you are using is up lớn date, the ứng dụng will show, “Google Play is up to lớn date” on the screen. If it isn’t, an update will begin automatically.

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Clear Cađậy and Data from Google Play Services

Cleared the cađậy of Play Store và it did not solve thegoogle play store keepscrashing issue? Then you should try clearing data và cache from Google Play Services. How is this done? See the steps below.

Go to settings.Then storage.Click on internal storage.Tap apps. The phone will show you all the apps on your phone.Tap on Google play services.Clichồng on clear cađậy & try using the application again. If it does not work, proceed lớn 7. Before you take this next step, know that every data stored on your Google play will be deleted.Click on manage space, then select clear all data.

Restart the Phone

Restarting the phone can be a magical tool in solving some of the phone issues we experience. It can also be the panacea khổng lồ your Google play store’s inability lớn launch. You can hold down the power button for some seconds.

Clear Cabít from Download Manager

Clearing cache from tải về manager is another way lớn không lấy phí up space from your phone. This is important especially if your phone is running out of space. Low storage space can also cause some of the apps in your phone to misbehave.

To clear cache from download manager, vì the following:

Go khổng lồ settings.Then go to storage.Cliông chồng on apps.The phone lists all the applications on the phone.Select the apps you want & tap on ‘clear cache’

Follow these steps for all the applications lớn miễn phí up space.

Remove và Add Google Account Again

This is another method that can fix the problem of google play storekeeps stopping.To remove your Google account, try lớn follow the steps below

Go to lớn settings.Cliông xã on accounts.The phone shows you all the accounts associated with the device.Select the trương mục that you’d want khổng lồ delete.Then click on remove sầu trương mục.The phone will issue a prompt, telling you that every data linked lớn the tài khoản will be wiped.Tap on remove tài khoản.

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To add the trương mục bachồng, vì the following:

Go lớn setting.Clichồng on accounts.Scroll down and tap on add account.Choose Google.You will be asked to lớn đầu vào your password, pin, pattern, or fingerprint, vì so.Sign in lớn the Google account. Every information linked khổng lồ the Google tài khoản will be synchronized.

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