How to send a video through gmail using google drive

Adding video khổng lồ your outreach engages your audience & drives action, leading lớn more connections và better outcomes.

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Increase engagement và responses

Ready for a new & innovative approach to enhance your communication? Stvà out in the inbox và get more responses with a video message.

What is is the easiest way to record, send, và track đoạn phim emails. Cut through the noise with the simple solution built for smarter outreach.

People want lớn do business with people, not technology. Skip impersonal interactions by incorporating personalized đoạn phim emails inlớn your outreach for prospecting, follow-ups, referrals and more.


Breakthrough the noise of a busy inbox by delivering eye-catching video clip tin nhắn campaigns that engage your audience & drive sầu action. Promote your next sự kiện, showcase your newest sản phẩm, or nội dung the people & stories behind your brand.

Customer Service

Delight customers with personalized experiences that keep them coming baông chồng & telling others. Reduce the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding by providing a visual demonstration with a detailed explanation in video clip format.

I lượt thích how easy the interface is lớn use and the ability to see video metrics. It supports our thinking that video clip needs to lớn be used as a strategy, not just a tactic.– Eric, marketing và advertising

has significantly improved my initial outreach response rate
, as people see the effort I put in to connect with them, and that it’s not just another automated tin nhắn.

– Ryan, sales

…when I sover a video I typically get a response asking how I did it.
My clients have been raving about how creative it is!

– Brandon, hospitality

There are many situations in which sending video clip messages through tin nhắn can come in handy. Whether you’re in kinh doanh, sales, or another industry, personalized communication is a lifesaver. Sending videos through gmail makes you more relatable, which raises your chances of getting a response too. But how bởi you tin nhắn a video? In this article, we’ll discuss how to lớn sover a Clip through Gmail. We’ll outline specific steps for a couple of different methods to lớn attach videos through tin nhắn, including how to attach videos in Gmail (the traditional way), how lớn skết thúc a Clip through Gmail from a phone, và how to embed videos in Gmail using When you get lớn the kết thúc of this post, you’ll know exactly how khổng lồ email a Clip lượt thích a pro. 


How khổng lồ Sover a Video Through Gmail via Attachment 

The traditional method of sending videos, photos, và files through Gmail is to lớn attach them to an gmail. Although this method is the most conventional and popular, it is not necessarily reliable. People assume that attaching videos lớn an tin nhắn is the most secure & dependable way lớn sover content, but they don’t consider Gmail video size limits. Gmail has a tệp tin size limit of 25MB, so it does restrict what you can & cannot send. If you’re sending a video or a file that is under 25MB, then sending an attachment can work for you. Below, we’ll outline the steps & show you how khổng lồ attach videos khổng lồ Gmail & how khổng lồ skết thúc video clip in Gmail.

Click compose khổng lồ start an tin nhắn.At the bottom of the email, cliông chồng the ‘attach’ button.Choose the tệp tin or đoạn Clip that you want to lớn attach.Lastly, cliông chồng open. Voila! You have sầu successfully attached a video khổng lồ your Gmail.

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If you’re wondering how to sover a large video through Gmail, you may have khổng lồ follow a different method, which we’ll touch on below.


How To Skết thúc a Large Video Through Gmail

Because Gmail is pretty strict with its tin nhắn kích cỡ restrictions, it may be challenging lớn send larger files. Gmail’s size restrictions limit files khổng lồ 25MB & under. If you’re wondering how to skết thúc a Clip through Gmail more than 25MB in form size, we have the answers for you, and it just depends on your tệp tin sharing needs. Video file sizes depover on the format, the quality, the length of the đoạn phim, as well as whether you’re sending more than one đoạn phim attachment in an email. You may be wondering, how long is a 25 MB Clip exactly?

In most cases, you won’t be able to skết thúc a video more than one minute long, which is approximately how long a 25 MB Clip tends to lớn be. To send longer videos, you’ll have sầu to lớn use a third-tiệc ngọt platkhung specializing in sending videos. The best way to email videos is lớn use a platsize or software that does all of the heavy lifting for you và compresses large videos to help you sover them through Gmail. is one of the top third-các buổi party platforms that can help you send large videos without reducing your files’ unique. Cođoạn Clip embeds your videos inkhổng lồ the body toàn thân of your email, so if you’re sending videos for business, it’s a great way lớn increase engagement & have sầu your emails stvà out.

To learn how to lớn sover a Clip through Gmail, schedule a thử nghiệm with our video clip experts.

How khổng lồ Skết thúc a Video Through Gmail with is the easiest way lớn record, skết thúc, and trachồng video emails. Cođoạn Clip lets you send personalized video clip through your favorite gmail channels, including Gmail. With this third-party platform, you can quickly và easily record videos with webcam recording & screen recording capabilities. Your videos are instantly uploaded to your Cođoạn phim library and can be pasted or embedded inkhổng lồ any email. Below, we’ll show you khổng lồ attach a đoạn Clip to lớn an tin nhắn using Cođoạn Clip and how lớn send a video through tin nhắn with the software.

The best way to sover videos from Gmail with Cođoạn phim is lớn download our Chrome extension. Below, we’ll show you how to skết thúc video clip in Gmail and highlight two specific ways that you can use the Cođoạn Clip extension lớn start sending videos through email.

How lớn record directly from Gmail

(With this method, you won’t even need khổng lồ leave your tin nhắn to lớn start recording và sending):

mở cửa your Chrome browser & go to lớn your Gmail inbox. Underneath the compose button in the top left corner, you will see the Cođoạn phim icon.Cliông xã on the ibé & decide if you want to record yourself, your screen, or if you’re going to lớn record both. To start recording, just cliông chồng “Record.” Wait for the 3,2,1 countdown and then start recording your message.When you’re all finished, cliông chồng “Stop recording.”After you’re done recording, you’ll be prompted lớn enter a title, piông xã a trang đích cần seo, and choose calls-to-action for your Clip.When you’re finished, clichồng “Upload video.”Once your video is uploaded, it can now be viewed in your video library. A new email composes window will open upon upload completion. You can either exit from the email window or add in the đoạn Clip you just recorded following the steps below.

Adding your recording khổng lồ your gmail in Gmail:

In your Gmail inbox, cliông xã compose in the top left corner. Add a recipient & a subject line khổng lồ your gmail. To add your Cođoạn Clip recording, hover over the clip ibé in the bottom right of the compose window. As you hover over the ibé, it will change to lớn “Add đoạn phim.”Cliông chồng the “Add video” button.Your Clip library will immediately show up with your most recent Clip and recordings (including the one you just recorded in Gmail or on Chrome).Select the Clip you want lớn send or tìm kiếm in your đoạn phim library using the tìm kiếm bar.At the top, select a landingpage & call-to-action for your Clip.Clichồng the “Insert video” button.Your Clip is now in your email. Include a short message, và you are ready lớn send! 

It’s easy lớn embed a Clip in an tin nhắn with clip. If you’re more of a visual learner, watch the quichồng tutorial below to lớn learn more about how to use CoClip khổng lồ embed and learn how khổng lồ skết thúc a video through Gmail. 

How to sover video clip in Gmail on phone

If you’re trying khổng lồ figure out how lớn skết thúc large video files from your iPhone or how to send large files in Gmail using a phone, look no further! Cođoạn phim offers a sản phẩm điện thoại phầm mềm that makes it easy khổng lồ gmail videos from your iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone device. With the Cođoạn Clip Smartphone tiện ích, you can record videos on the application và send them immediately. You can also upload a video from your camera roll to sover directly through the tiện ích. Below, we’ll outline the steps to show you how you can use’s Smartphone tiện ích to send large video clip files directly from your sản phẩm điện thoại device.

mở cửa the Smartphone ứng dụng.Choose to record a new video, choose an existing đoạn Clip, or view your video clip library.After you select your video clip và clichồng ‘save,’ you’ll see a few different options. To tin nhắn your Clip, clichồng ‘gmail video’; it’s that simple!After clicking ‘tin nhắn đoạn phim,’ the CoClip ứng dụng will open up an email for you to sover directly through the phầm mềm.You can also select a copy links khổng lồ copy your video’s links to lớn skết thúc it through any of your other email applications or CRM platforms.

Sending Videos in Gmail Has Never Been Easier

We hope this article taught you some various options for how khổng lồ send a Clip through Gmail và a new solution for how to send long videos on Gmail’s platkhung. Cođoạn phim makes it easy & hassle-không tính tiền to send large videos. Unlượt thích the traditional method of attaching videos to lớn email, you won’t need lớn worry about the kích thước of your video clip or reduce its unique. Make sure you sign up for’s không tính tiền trial today and get instant access khổng lồ our platsize khổng lồ start sending long videos through Gmail! You can also request a thử nghiệm if you want khổng lồ learn more & talk lớn someone from our team.

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Start learning how khổng lồ sover đoạn phim in Gmail today with a 7-day miễn phí trial! No credit thẻ is required to sign up, so there’s no reason you can’t learn how lớn skết thúc a video through Gmail today.

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