Why am i getting "web login required" message while connecting to gmail via imap?

I"m working on application which involves login to lớn a gmail VPS vie IMAPhường. When I"m logining at Gmail, I always get "Web login required." & a links to "Control, protect, & secure your tài khoản, all in one place". I"ve enabled using less secure applications in the setting & IMAPhường in the Gmail settings và still the error.

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The "web login required error" means that Gmail

is not recognizing your password oryou are signing from a new location or device oryou have sầu enabled 2-Step Verification for your trương mục.You need to lớn generate an Application specific password for MsgExtract.

See Generating an application password when 2-Step verification is enabled in GmailGoogle detects your login as suspicious. It could be because you are login in from a different country.


Refer to lớn the following page on how to lớn proceed khổng lồ solve sầu this issue:

https://tư vấn.google.com/mail/answer/78754

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