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Gmail”s mặc định message composition box only takes up about a third of your computer screen. The small form size can make writing difficult, especially if your message is lengthy. Fortunately, you can expvà the box khổng lồ take up much more screen real estate. Doing so makes it a lot easier khổng lồ write long emails without having khổng lồ scroll through the small box.

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Write a New Gmail Message in Full-Screen Mode

Follow these steps lớn expand Gmail”s message window khổng lồ full-screen mode:


In the upper-right corner of the New Message window, select the Full-screen (diagonal, double-sided arrow) inhỏ.


To always have sầu the New Message screen open in full-screen mode, at the bottom-right of the New Message window, select the Menu (three stacked dots) ibé, then choose Default to full screen.

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Reply khổng lồ a Gmail Message in Full-Screen Mode

Follow these steps lớn open your message in full-screen mode when composing replies or forwards:

mở cửa the message you want to forward or reply khổng lồ. Scroll to lớn the bottom of the message và select Reply or Forward.

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Next khổng lồ the tin nhắn address of the recipient, select the small arrow. ChoosePop out replykhổng lồ open the message in a new pop-up window.

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When the pop-out window opens, follow the steps in the “Write a New Gmail Message in Full-Screen Mode” section, above sầu.

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