How can i retrieve a discarded draft on gmail? uses Gmail Drafts as the storage mechanism for every mail merge chiến dịch you send. After is finished sending the mail merge campaign, it deletes the Draft, because it no longer has any use for it. If you, however, accidentally delete a campaign’s Draft before it or its tự động hóa follow-ups finish sending, then you may wish khổng lồ recover the Draft.

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If you’ve sầu deleted your Draft & one of these is true…

The chiến dịch has NOT finished sending yet, because it’s scheduled to lớn send a certain number of emails per day.The chiến dịch HAS finished sending, but it has tự động follow-ups assigned khổng lồ it, & not all tự động follow-ups have sầu been sent.

…then you should attempt to recover the Draft.

If the campaign hasn’t finished sending, you will need to recover the Draft lớn allow the chiến dịch khổng lồ finish sending to lớn all of your recipients.

If the chiến dịch has auto follow-ups, you may want to lớn recover the Draft if you wish to lớn make changes lớn any of the tự động follow-up settings.

If your chiến dịch has finished sending, but still has pending tự động hóa follow-ups, but you don’t wish to make any changes to lớn your auto follow-up settings, then you don’t need to lớn recover the campaign’s deleted Draft.

So, how do you recover the mail merge campaign’s Draft if you accidentally deleted it?

I’m restoring the Gmail Draft for the Campaign with ID 809432.Click Compose to launch a new window.Set the To field lớn restoredraft

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Set the Subject to the numeric ID of the chiến dịch whose Draft you want to lớn restore.Hit the button. Do not hit the Send button.

If successful, the Draft will be recovered, và you’ll find it under either:

The Gmail Drafts LabelThe Scheduled LabelThe Aukhổng lồ Followups Label

Wherever you find it, it’s only one Draft, và based on the state of the campaign, it may have sầu one or more of the above sầu Labels attached to lớn it.

If the chiến dịch has finished sending but has pending auto follow-ups, it will have just the Aulớn Followups Label applied to it.If the campaign is in the middle of sending và also has pending tự động follow-ups, it will have sầu BOTH the Scheduled và the Aulớn Followups Labels applied lớn it.If the chiến dịch has finished sending but does NOT have any tự động follow-ups, it will have just the Scheduled Label applied khổng lồ it.If the campaign has finished sending and does NOT have any tự động follow-ups, then it won’t have sầu any Label applied khổng lồ it other than the standard Gmail Drafts Label.

What vì chưng the Gmail Labels mean?

If a Draft has the Scheduled Label, that means it’s a pending mail merge campaign và emails will still be sent. If the Scheduled Label is removed, the campaign will fail lớn skết thúc.

If a Draft has the Auto Followups Label, that means the campaign has auto followups attached to lớn it. This Label is simply for organizational purposes, so you the user, can easily see which campaigns still have pending tự động hóa followups. Whether this Label is applied lớn the Draft or not has no bearing on whether the tự động follow-ups skết thúc or not.

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I don’t use, I deleted an important Gmail Draft, and I want khổng lồ recover it

If the Gmail Draft you deleted has nothing to lớn bởi with, and you still want khổng lồ recover it, try following the tricks in this awesome article.

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