Why does gmail keep marking my emails as important?

GmailPriority Inbox classifies tin nhắn from your boss, an update from a blog you follow, và a forwarded joke from your aunt as important. If some of these emails aren"t important khổng lồ you, teach Gmail how to lớn categorize your gmail appropriately.

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Instructions in this article apply lớn the web version of Google Gmail & should work in any browser including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, và Opera.

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Why Did Gmail Mark Conversation as Important?

Google uses complex algorithms khổng lồ ascertain the importance of an email và makes the reasons easy to lớn see. To get an idea of why Gmail determined an gmail was important enough lớn make your Priority Inbox:

Hover over the Importance marker. The marker appears in front of the message in the message danh sách or after the subject in an open message.

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Potential Reasons for Categorizing an E-Mail as Important

The reasons Gmail places messages in your Priority Inbox include:

The words in the message.You may have marked similar emails important in the past, or the message urges you khổng lồ action.The people in the conversation.You exchange emails frequently with the sender or consistently mark their emails as important.Your interaction with messages in the conversation. You"ve sầu taken action on these messages in the past.You marked the message as important.The message was sent only lớn you. Messages sent lớn more than one person tover to lớn be lower in importance, while those with only you in the recipient danh mục are seen as important.You often read messages with this label.Gmail"s magic sauce.You may see this for older messages marked as important.

Make the Priority Inbox Marker for Important Messages Visible

To enable the yellow priority tag for messages marked as important in Gmail:

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