How to sign in to or out of outlook


It is no secret to anyone the importance that gmail currently has in each of the millions of people who make life on the planet. Before all the social networks and Clip conferencing applications (extremely popular product of the current pandemic), gmail has been the basic tool & mainstay of the Internet.

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The companies that made this invention have earned immeasurable prestige over the years. Such is the case of Microsoft, who acquired ownership of Hotmail in 1997 and since then has made countless changes, remakes, updates, support applications (Outlook) và even extensions (OneDrive and Microsoft document reading tools, Office 365, Skype etc ).


One of the most important differences between Outlook & Hotmail is that the former is newer software made khổng lồ support the later. Outlook functions as the name of the web domain và a desktop application for your computer, while Hotmail is the name of the hệ thống owned by Microsoft.


Outlook, as its name indicates, has been designed to lớn provide support & greater ease of access lớn your Microsoft tin nhắn account (Hotmail). Therefore, the main functions và tasks that you can perform with Outlook is to kiểm tra, skết thúc and receive sầu emails. This application is usually installed by default in Windows or you can tải về it separately.

The basic features of Outlook range from being able to lớn use the calendar, inbox, & outbox, lớn drafts & deleted items. The Outlook calendar can be synchronized with other devices that have sầu the application, in this way you will be able to remember dates, appointments, & commitments noted in your calendar without worrying from which device you are accessing your gmail.



Hotmail is the second most popular tin nhắn service provider in the world, behind only Google today. Part of its prestige và global popularity is due khổng lồ its completed quarter century offering services, as Hotmail was launched on July 4, 1996.It was not until 2013 that Microsoft launched Outlook as a tư vấn platkhung, although in principle it was more of a replacement for Hotmail. You can exchange your Outlook addresses with Hotmail"s without any problem. The reason for this is that Hotmail is still a very functional tin nhắn server, as its storage is almost unlimited.Aý muốn the features that you can find in Hotmail, there is also the use of the inbox, outbox, deleted emails, drafts, spam, etc. Also, Hotmail has for itself an integrating capathành phố for Word, Powerpoint and Excel files, since you will be able lớn edit any of these formats from the inbox.


To register Hotmail / Outlook from the device you can continue all the processes that we show you below, & later you will have sầu the possibility of entering from the official application for Outlook, available in the ứng dụng stores for Android (Play Store) và iOS ( App Store).

These apps will only allow you lớn enter your Hotmail mail, however, you will not have the possibility to lớn register from the application; for that, you will have lớn continue from the web browser.

Fill out the form: with the tin nhắn you want to use. You will have sầu the possibility khổng lồ choose between
live sầ, however, take into trương mục that the address must not be in use at the moment. The next placeholder is for the password: it must be secure enough lớn prevent the entry of malicious people. Opt for a difficult key lớn hit. If possible, use letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, & in addition to symbols. Enter your full name and then cliông chồng on "Next" Enter your date of birth Cheông xã the captcha: at the kết thúc, you will have sầu to verify that you are a real person.

This step serves as a control against the automated creation of email tài khoản bots, since we will have sầu lớn solve the captcha lớn verify that we are not a robot, for this write the same letters và numbers that appear in the image, if you bởi vì not see it correctly You can choose to lớn clichồng on " New " to lớn reload another image or also to listen to lớn the message by clicking on " Sound ". Keep in mind that they are case sensitive sầu. Clichồng " Next " to lớn continue.

Ready, you already have sầu a Hotmail account!


However, despite all the above, it is possible that when you reach this article you vì chưng not have the current knowledge lớn log in lớn Hotmail, either because you bởi vì not have a Hotmail account or have sầu several years since the last time you used Hotmail for sending email, so next you will know how khổng lồ log in / sign in to Hotmail.

The first thing you must vì chưng is enter or "log in " to the Hotmail page from your computer, but first you must forget about the old interface that this server offered and go khổng lồ Outlook, from there you must proceed as follows to enter.

Next, you will have to fill out a small size where you will enter the Hotmail email tài khoản (if you have had it in the past), a Skype profile & a phone number. Enter the email with which you want khổng lồ access và clichồng on the "Next" button. Now you must enter your password to access your trương mục. Once that field is filled in, click on Login. If for any reason you have sầu forgotten this password, you will have sầu khổng lồ cliông chồng on "I have forgotten the password" & the following options will appear. The gmail address will appear in a window & below it you will find an image encoded with special characters that you must transcribe, respecting as best you can the upper và lower case present in the image. This encoded image is known under the name of "Captcha". You will be questioned about any possible way khổng lồ sover you a security code, if you have linked a phone number, it will appear referred to with a number of asterisks equal to the digits of your line. Now clichồng on the option "Sover message", write the last 4 phone numbers that you have owned và clichồng on "Send code". You will receive sầu a message in which the code is located and you will insert the same in the respective pop-up window. Finally, you must enter your new password which must have a minimum security required by the system, we recommkết thúc that you mix both uppercase và lowercase characters and numbers lớn reinforce the security cấp độ of the password.

If you followed all the steps indicated, you will be able lớn access your Hotmail tài khoản on your computer whenever you want. You can even activate the option khổng lồ rethành viên user & thus forget about repeating this "login" procedure.


You should not have sầu to be worried thinking whether how much difficult the procedure would be to login with android or iOS might be but contrary the procedure khổng lồ login to Hotmail from your Android or iOS mobile is exactly the same & really easy to make it done. These are the steps you will have khổng lồ follow.

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Enter Google Playstore (if you are from an Android smartphone) or the App Store (if you use an iPhone), then you will enter the tìm kiếm engine "Microsoft Outlook". You will choose the first result that is presented to you on the screen of your application store. Download the application & open it once installed on your mobile and cliông xã on "Start" on the main screen. Now you must write the Hotmail email address you want lớn use và cliông xã on "Continue" in the lower right corner. Next, enter the password of your profile in the field shown & click on "Sign in" in the field that is in the lower area. In the same way as the procedure indicated in the previous section for computers, if you have forgotten the password of the Hotmail account, you will click on "I have forgotten the password" & you will have lớn follow the same steps that were indicated in that section.

Note: you can also save yourself from carrying out the entire procedure indicated by resorting lớn the possibility of synchronizing the tài khoản directly with the options of your điện thoại thông minh. In this way, all the information related khổng lồ your trương mục will arrive và you will have it at your disposal to log in lớn Hotmail.


One mistake that many new Hotmail / Outlook individuals make is not adding a tương tác information option that will allow the trương mục lớn be recovered in the sự kiện of losing login. We are talking about a very simple procedure that will save you problems the day you thất bại your.

Log in if requested, Microsoft may occasionally ask you for more details to lớn verify your identity, among mỏi other things, verification by text message. Go to "Security liên hệ information". Then, cliông chồng on "Add security information". Choose between the settings of: phone number or an alternative sầu gmail that you have sầu registered in another service. Cheông chồng the chosen procedure. If you have sầu chosen the phone number, you will be sent a text message with a code that you will have lớn enter on the corresponding page; whereas, if you chose an alternative sầu gmail, you will have to enter it and copy the code sent by Microsoft.

Having followed these methods, you will have sầu the certainty that you will be able to recover your account in the situation that you have sầu forgotten the data entered khổng lồ it. Keep in mind that the more verification procedures you add, the better it will be.


Currently, there are several companies that offer gmail services, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others, although the first of these is one of the main ones, Outlook has various security features that allow the user lớn benefit.


Between Outlook services, such as Exchange, Games, Connector, Calendar, & others, features can be exchanged without any problem. To bởi vì this, just drag the contacts or files to the Hotmail inbox. This action of dragging liên hệ can be done vice versa. From Exchange khổng lồ Hotmail.


Any type of tin nhắn can be classified in the inbox. Outlook offers the possibility of giving users the ease of ordering their inbox, thus making it possible lớn create new folders, where each email can be sorted satisfactorily, according to lớn its type.


Opening a session in Hotmail is something extremely easy to bởi, for this it is necessary to enter or place the hotmail tin nhắn login search engine, after which the option to open Hotmail & log in will appear as the first search result.

By following these steps, you will be able to lớn log in correctly, leading lớn optimal operation of the Hotmail service in general.


Users who wish to keep their accounts separate can vày so, in order lớn keep their work và personal accounts separate, this in the same Outlook trương mục. It is certainly an excellent way to avoid setbacks by adding new people. They can be passed from one trương mục khổng lồ another.


Such an update allows keeping the updated lists of "SafeRecipent" "Blockedsenders" "Sanfesenders" updated, so that when the user receives a junk mail, full of viruses và advertising, this security system takes him directly lớn an exclusive sầu tray for this type of post.

In the sự kiện that this system fails, spam can easily be moved lớn the spam tray or the recipient of malicious emails. Without a doubt, an optimal way to lớn automatically get rid of spam emails.


Calendars for shared accounts are a bonus for Outlook users. With this, a calendar agenda can be shared with any type of contact which will be included in the person"s calendar, of course, only if the user accepts.

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Having an tin nhắn trương mục is very useful since this way you can receive và sover messages, and there are also places on the Internet, such as Social Networks, where you need khổng lồ have sầu an email tài khoản lớn register. In this detailed guide you have been shown how to easily create, and login Hotmail account flawlessly & conveniently.

Its advantages are its low cost to send digital files of all kinds and its efficiency. In less than five minutes you can know if a document has reached its destination & receive a response.

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