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My son loves this và I suppose you will too! There are over 100 free Yahoo mail stationery templates that you can use to lớn skết thúc your messages. These have been segregated inlớn categories so that you can quickly locate the one you want. By the way, new stationery is continually been added và the seasonsal ones will be highlighted.

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In fact, the two versions of Yahoo Mail have sầu different gmail stationery và there is also a difference in how they are applied. We shall first look at the new version (All-new Mail) and then explore Yahoo Mail Classic interface.

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Using the miễn phí Yahoo gmail stationery in All-new Mail interface


The miễn phí Yahoo gmail stationery is presented in a panel khổng lồ the right displayed only when you create a new message or skết thúc a reply. The stationery can be applied lớn the message in a single mouse click. When the panel is first displayed it shows only the Featured stationery. Now you can either pichồng one immediately or kiểm tra out others by clicking on “Featured” with the small downward arrow beside it. At the time of writing, in addition khổng lồ Featured, there are 9 other categories – Abstract, Animals, Flowers, Fun, Holidays và Events, Nature, Patterns, Sports & Solid colors. All these, excepting the last one, include images. The Solid colors category lets you choose a single background color for your email message. You can also cthảm bại the Yahoo! Stationery panel by clicking on its button.

Yahoo! Mail remembers the stationery you had last applied so you’ll see the same one even if you log in after a few days – no need khổng lồ waste time hunting for your favorite stationery! Also you can change the gmail stationery any time; at the start of new email message or when you have sầu fully composed it. All you need to lớn bởi it cliông xã on another layout và it will be applied instantly. However, please remember that different Yahoo mail stationery have sầu different font style, colors and indentation.

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Using Yahoo Mail stationery in the Classic version

Cliông chồng on “Compose” button and choose “E-Mail message“. The page reloads with blank khung fields awaiting your inputs. Make sure you have the “Rich Text” option on. Yahoo will not apply stationery to plain text emails. Rich text tin nhắn composition displays a toolbar with many icons – the last one is for stationery. Clicking on it displays a pop-up with the Featured layouts. There are also other categories – Abstract/Patterns, Activities, Flowers/Romance, Nature, Hello Kitty, Special occasions và, of course, Solid colors. Cliông xã on a stationery thumbnail khổng lồ have sầu it applied lớn your email message và then cthua thảm the pop-up window by hitting “Done“.

Please note the stationery in Mail Classic is different from that in All-New Mail.

Can I create your own Yahoo Mail stationery?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no way you can create your own stationery in Yahoo. However, there are more than 100 available including ones for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, baby showers etc. which, I suppose, would be more than sufficient for your needs.

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But with a little ingenuity you can create a sort of stationery template that would be quite quality. With solid colors along with styles for the text (an appropriate font và colors) you can come up with a nice looking layout. Take a look at the snapshot below in which I use a nice pink background & colored the heading và text in a different shade. The small rose image is an emoticon and the heart is an ASCII symbol which is displayed with the ALT-3 keystroke combination.

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