There are a variety of accounts issued khổng lồ people associated with furnituremaisak.comhường. Here is a danh sách of the most comtháng.

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This is the most used và common tài khoản for current students & employees. It includes, campus computer login, Google Apps, Files saved on campus network drive sầu, Flex funds, and more.

Learn more about your network trương mục.

As a graduate, your student account will transition khổng lồ an alumni account 60 days after graduation.

You retain access khổng lồ...

Note: You can no longer use eduroam wifi with your furnituremaisak.comhường credentials; it will loông xã your tài khoản. When on campus, you may still use our Guest WiFi.

Before you leave sầu campus...

Transfer all files that you've sầu saved khổng lồ campus computers, or on your Home (H:) Drive sầu, lớn your personal drives, such as a USB or personal Google Drive sầu.

Visit, then thiết lập your SMS/Alternate E-Mail.

Note: So you can recover your tài khoản without our assistance.

Return any checked out books to the Library.

Note: Otherwise, you'll be unable khổng lồ access your final transcript.

Alumni employees

As an alumni, if you return to lớn York College to work, your network trương mục will transition to either Faculty or Staff. Per our Account Management Policy, at the kết thúc of your employment, you will thua thảm access lớn your tài khoản. (Note: Except for retired faculty.)

Per our Account Management Policy, as an officially retired faculty member, you will retain your network tài khoản. This includes access to all applications, such as Google Apps và your campus trang chủ (H:) Drive. Your library permissions will be transitioned lớn those of a community member.

This is an tài khoản allowing guests to lớn use campus computers và access additional resources. If your guest requires these extra resources or you have a significant number of guests on campus, please fill out our guest trương mục request size.

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For WiFi access, Follow our Guest WiFi instructions.

For use by our vendors including J.D. Brown Center Incubator Clients, & others.

Limited permissions.

Created only as needed.

AD only account holders can have sầu access khổng lồ...

Campus Computer Login

Note: Either to a single machine or across campus.


Request an AD only account

Liên hệ us with the following information.

Name of the tài khoản user.

Reason for your request.

Access needed for the user.

Duration of needed access.

Students can grant their parents (or anyone else they would like) access lớn warning and final grades, as well as to lớn deposit and eBill payments.

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Learn more about Parent Proxy.

As a student or employee, your class schedules, transcripts, e-bills, class registration, housing requests, records, & more are in furnituremaisak.comWeb

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